How to Create Spread the Word Widget for Blogs and WordPress?

Create Spread the Word Widget

First, let’s understand what a widget is. A widget is a graphical user interface element that contains some basic functionality that displays information or allows website visitors to interact with your website. Even people without specific coding knowledge can use widgets on various pages of their websites. There are plenty of widget types that can … Read more

8 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog: 2022

Are you upset with google Adsense criteria and looking for Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog to make your blogs monetize? Most bloggers depend on the Google AdSense platform to make revenue online with their websites or blogs. However, Google AdSense has a lot of criteria to meet to receive its monetization program. It … Read more

100% Free JetTheme Blogger Template with Premium Features

JetTheme Blogger Template

The JetTheme Blogger Template is a fully featured, SEO-Optimized, fast-loading, and completely free blogger template that comes with all of the premium add-ons that make it amazing. The JetTheme Blogger Template is a completely free template that includes all of the advanced features. I would like to express my gratitude to the designer for creating … Read more

Top 8 Rules on how to increase AdSense CPC

how to increase AdSense CPC

For most website owners, primarily bloggers, AdSense is the primary source of income. If this describes your situation, then you absolutely must educate yourself about ad optimisation. The most important objective of an AdSense optimisation campaign is to raise the average cost per thousand impressions. You would like to raise your AdSense CPC, which translates … Read more

How to Receive AdSense Payments by Wire Transfer?

This blog will show you the steps on How to Receive AdSense Payments by Wire Transfer?

In India, payments from Google AdSense are now being made by wire transfer. All AdSense publishers will benefit from this development because earnings will be deposited straight into their bank accounts rather than having to wait for payment by check or cheque. The term “wire transfer” can alternatively be abbreviated to “EFT,” which stands for … Read more

Top 8 best hosting providers in Nepal

best hosting providers in Nepal

Are you seeking for best hosting providers in Nepal? Below we have created the list of best web hosting companies in Nepal. This article will try to help you choose the cheap and best hosting company for your business. We have tried to cover up every possible resource available in our article about best hosting … Read more

How to get a YouTube Premium Student subscription discount?

YouTube Premium Student subscription

Here’s how simple it is to sign up for a YouTube Premium student subscription. Everything you need to know about this membership service, as well as the benefits of purchasing it and important information, are also provided. Who Qualifies for a Student Discount on YouTube Premium? Students receive discounted memberships to YouTube Music Premium and … Read more

iPhone 14 Everything we know about Apple’s upcoming 2022 iPhones.

iPhone 14 Release

These are the leaked specs so far for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series There is a minimum chance as always apple has been keeping secrets about their upcoming phones. Apple will reveal its new series iPhone 14 specification only at Apple event which is expected to be on 7th September.  Anyway as … Read more

How to make USD VISA Debit Card for International Transaction In Nepal?

USD VISA Debit Card International transactions has been a part of daily business these days. A lot of international transactions happen daily. In countries like Nepal, International transactions happen in high volume due to exports and imports. However, knowledge has been the barrier to exporting and importing goods. Local businesses are not able to reach … Read more

Download VTrick Free Premium Blogger Template v1.9.0 | Best Free Vietnamese Blogger Template

Download VTrick Free Premium Blogger Template v1.9.0 | Best Free Vietnamese Blogger Template

While starting a blogger based website for a client, I came across a legit premium Blogger Template which is available to download for free. VTrick, a beautiful and feature-rich Blogger Template from Vietnam has now become one of the most favourite Blogger Theme of mine. The designer claims that VTrick Blogger template has come out … Read more