FAQ Schema in Blogger

How to Put FAQ Schema in Blogger

Dear readers, you might have seen frequently asked questions on blogger websites. The admin might have also used FAQ Schema in Blogger. Putting FAQ schema might be a little tricky in Blogger. It is not as convenient as it is…

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free Nepali HTML widgets

Free Nepali Widgets for Your Website

Nepalese Bloggers can now put several Nepalese Widgets on their websites. These widgets add to the authenticity of their blogs. Not to mention that these indicate Nepaliness in them. It all started with Nepali calendar and Nepali date converter. To…

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types of blogs

Types of Blogs

I do write blogs despite having obligations on formal and personal fronts in my life. In fact, I entered the blogging world after making thousands of posts on online bulletin boards. They were convenient to post. Blogging needs a little…

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