LMS Education Blogger Template| Best Education Niche Blogger Template

There are several Blogger themes developed around the world. Only a few have been top-notch and specialized in education niche. However, LMS Education has come as a blessing for education bloggers that use Blogger platform.

I would have featured all of the education Blogger templates in Techy Gen. I would rather not do that because I prefer featuring only the best of the best Blogger themes. So, let us dive deep to learn more about LMS Education Blogger Template.

Suitable Micro-niches for LMS Education Blogger Template

You can use LMS Education Blogger Template for the website of your school, online courses, study guide, and perhaps on other niches. I have witnessed some life coaches using this template.

LMS Education Blogger Template
User Interfaces of LMS Education Blogger Template

If you ponder, at this moment, for a niche for making use of LMS Education Blogger template, do read our blog ideas on awesome blogging ideas. You may get further idea on blogging if you read article on types of blogs.

Features of LMS Education Blogger Template

LMS Education Blogger Theme is really amazing Blogger template developed by BTemplates as they say. Let us explore the features of this wonderful education blogger theme.

Device Responsiveness

LMS Education Blogger Template is fully responsive to every kind of device. You do not need to activate the mobile version. The desktop version adjusts itself for the different screen sizes.

Page Load Speed

Do a little tweak, and the page loads very fast. All you need to do is replate the custom images with low-resolution images. For example, the default image that comes in the hero section can be replaced with a semi-transparent PNG image which is about 300 x 300 px.

Remember, page-load speed plays a direct and indirect role in the SEO of your website.

Landing Page

Blogger platforms are a little tricky when it comes to landing pages. However, LMS Education provides the best landing page for educational niches.

Remember, you do not need to pay monthly fees for hosting your educational website on Blogger platform. LMS Education template and Blogger together can give full emancipation and sustainability to your educational project. You may need to include other additional strategies for sustainability though.


Some of your posts may include testimonies from students, parents, teachers, or some stakeholders. You can label such posts with the word ‘testimonials’ or anything. Then, you can feature those posts in an awesome slider of some posts labeled with a common term, here – ‘testimonials’.

Post Lists inside Content of a Post

This feature is best for courses website. When you include a shortcode, as suggested by the documentation of this template, you will be able to list the number of posts of the same label inside the content of a certain post.

Hover Animations

The mid part of the landing page offers amazing blocks that animate, and color-flip when you hover the pointer on it. This adds to the awesome UI of LMS Education Blogger template.

LMS Education Blogger Template Animated Blocks

The post blocks (featured labels, featured posts of various styles, and latest posts) and the author’s avatar are also animated upon hover.

Contact Form on Landing Page

Contact Form lies on the landing page. You do not need to create a separate contact page. Just include a shortcode so that the users can navigate to the awesome contact form that is already on the homepage.

Other brilliant features are: splendid footer which has ample space for reflecting the content diversity, label counter, top contact and social menus, sticky top menu, inclusion of video hero section on landing page, clean and elegant author box on sidebar and 9 spaces for advertisement.

Download LMS Best Education Blogger Template

LMS Education Blogger Template comes in 2 versions- Free and Premium. As per the developers, Premium version comes with more functions than the free one. You can not remove the link on the copyright section (below footer segment) in the free version of LMS Education Blogger Template.

After you get a free downloaded-, or purchased theme (XML file), you may want to install the theme right away in your Blogger platform where you have hosted your education niche project. If there are residuals of previous theme, please clean the Blogger theme before installing the new theme.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the Best Blogger Template for Education Niche?

There may be many Blogger Templates for education niche. However, we have found LMS Education Blogger Theme best till now.

Can Techy Gen install LMS Education Blogger Template for us?

We write blogs, and limit ourselves to writing and helping while we write.

Is LMS Education Blogger Template better than WordPress?

Blogger and WordPress are different platforms. We can not compare them. Blogger Platform provides more advantage with free space and bandwidth without any limit. WordPress can let us install plugins that can be used to improve SEO of our website.

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I hope this tutorial was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a Question in Comment Box.