How to Create Spread the Word Widget for Blogs and WordPress?

First, let’s understand what a widget is. A widget is a graphical user interface element that contains some basic functionality that displays information or allows website visitors to interact with your website. Even people without specific coding knowledge can use widgets on various pages of their websites. There are plenty of widget types that can be used, such as audio widgets, calendars, picture widgets, social media widgets, and so on.

Your readers will be able to copy an HTML code that, when pasted, will give a link to your blog if you use the Spread the Word widget. Your friends can demonstrate that they are following or endorsing your blog by incorporating a widget of this kind into their own blogs. This widget also has the benefit of a backlink, which could assist you in improving your search engine ranking as well as other metrics such as domain authority and domain rating. There are two different applications for this widget. The logo of your blog will be displayed on one widget, while the others will only show a plain link.

If you use the Spread the Word widget, there is a possibility that you will have the opportunity to advertise your blog among your friends and followers at no cost. You also can trade backlinks with other people.

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Spread the word widget using Image:

When someone clicks on the image that appears in this widget, your blog will load into a new tab in their browser. This widget can be installed in the sidebar of your blog or in any other location that you deem appropriate for its use. Make the necessary adjustments to the code that is below: blog URL and image link

Create Spread the Word Widget

Spread the word widget using Link:

When someone clicks the text link in this widget, your blog will open in a new browser tab. This widget can be placed in the sidebar of your blog or wherever else you’d like. you can use  the code below, making the necessary changes: image link and blog URL