7 Free Domain Options for New Bloggers

New bloggers would be highly motivated to get a free domain with TLDs or ccTLDs as their web addresses. We know that one can get free subdomains like subdomain.blogspot.com or subdomain.wordpress.com for blogging. There are other platforms too. However, blogging in own domain is something that adds to your brand value.

While people say that TLDs like .com carry heightened brand value, I do not agree to this rhetoric. Not at least these days; because one can witness emerging and promising bloggers and companies with web addresses look like company.io , blogger.xyz etc. We have written a blog post on domain names suggestions for you might need some guide on domain names.

In this article, we have attempted to guide you on free domains for websites.

Free Domains

5 Free freenom domains (.tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq)

You might be surprised that you can get yet convenient (2 characters) ccTLDs as free domains with freenom. Yes, it is true! These are legit; and freenom is the world’s most valued free domain provider. They are ICANN accredited registrars. With the aim of helping the digital revolution, freenom have been helping the digital entrepreneurs from their capacities.

You can get free ccTLDs like technicalguru.tk, myletters.ml, continentalchef.cf, athleticguide.ga, generalquestions.gq, and so on. You can get the ccTLDs for max. 12 months for free; after which renewal is again for free. So, why not try to get free domain from freenom? Freenom is freedom, right?

Free .eu.org subdomain

Actually .eu.org is a subdomain which is provided for free for enthusiastic netizens. Despite being a subdomain, you can get freedom of all domain management options. I personally know some bloggers who have been using .eu.org subdomain in Blogger.com blog and doing digital entrepreneurship.

When you decide to get it, you must first preview the domain name which looks like- yourname.eu.org. You can also make further subdomain on it, for example – blog.yourname.eu.org.

.eu.org is provided by nic.eu.org. They have been (perhaps manually) serving the thirst of free domain aspirants since 1996.

Free .np domain

.np ccTLD is for Nepal. Nepalese citizens and registered institutions can get free ccTLDs like .com.np, .name.np, .org.np, .edu.np, .pro.np and so on. We have written a separate blog on how to get free .np domain as Nepalese citizen or registered entity.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) on free domains

Why did not you list other free domain services?

We have listed the free domain services to the extent of your knowledge. We have found that many other services are scam. Some other free domain services require you to buy other services like webspaces.

Which of the 7 domains listed above are free forever?

We can not guarantee whether these are free forever. Please follow the terms and conditions of the registrars themselves.

Can you register a free domain name for me?

We have been writing blogs. We stay with this only.

Can you guide me on how to register a free domain name for myself?

Please comment below with your questions. We can guide you through our blogs.