types of blogs

Types of Blogs

I do write blogs despite having obligations on formal and personal fronts in my life. In fact, I entered the blogging world after making thousands of posts on…

income of nepali bloggers

Income of Nepali Bloggers [2022 update]

The blogging world of today has become more entrepreneurship than a hobby. Imagine a book-writer who writes to sell. Blogging of the 21st century boom of information has become profession to many. Even, those who started hobby-blogging have been considering to make it profitable and alternative (full time) job. However, the consumption and production of videos as marketing platforms have threatened the livelihoods of committed writers.

10 Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is not a waste. In fact, it is close to academic writing. You can even combine studies with blogging. Only thing that you need beside ICT infrastructure…