[#1] Best Blogger Theme for News / Magazine Websites – MagOne

Have you ever wondered which is the best Blogger theme for news or magazine websites? If yes, let me suggest you that MagOne template has been the best choice being used in Blogger-based news or magazine websites. It has been hitting the highest in the chart of ThemeForest.

MagOne has been developed and regularly updated by Sneeit. See ! It was first released on July 14, 2015. It is still being refurbished and sold in the market. Perhaps, no other theme in the market can beat the functionalities, reputation and trust of MagOne Blogger Template. The developer regularly updates the theme with new kinds of emerging browsers.

Source: MagOne Blogger Template by Sneeit | ThemeForest

Magic of Sneeit Spot Plugin for Blogger

Do you know that you can install a Chrome plugin (Nowadays Microsoft Edge also can get Chrome Plugins !) to make your Blogger Dashboard more user-friendly? This plugin is called ‘Sneeit Spot‘. It is developed by the same author. MagOne Blogger Template is compatible with Sneeit Spot.

With Sneeit Spot on your Blogger Dashboard, you can work on the horizontal menu like you do on WordPress ! Drag and Drop in Blogger! Super exciting! Right? You can also select various versions of MagOne Blogger Theme.

Additionally, Sneeit Spot Plugin that comes integrated with Blogger Dashboard also somes into the Blogger post editor. In the post editor, it comes with functions of applying AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and removing AMP. As a bonus, it provides Alexa or Rank Math alternative with SEO scores for your blog posts. Amaging, right?

Sneeit Spot is not limited to these only. They are working to make Blogger worth it !

MagOne Blogger Template Features – Low-cost Bonanza for News Websites

The title speaks for itself. MagOne Blogger Template offers the novice bloggers and individual journalists great freedom in design and functionalities that are suitable for news website. You must try this Blogger theme to experience it. Nevertheless, I have listed the features of MagOne Blogger Theme by Sneeit.

  • Fast-loading
  • Responsive Design
  • Awesome Design
  • Compatible with Sneeit Spot plugin (Chrome, Chromium, Edge)
  • 16 demos
  • Rank Math / Alexa Alternative – SEO Score
  • Header menu editor (drag and drop)
  • Floating menu
  • Auto webp conversion of images
  • 3 comment systems- Blogger, Facebook and Disqus
  • Options Panel (SpotSettings – in addition to Blogger dashboard)
  • Freedom in styles, layout and sidebars (as in WordPress)
  • Sticky sidebar
  • 100+ Social Counters
  • Quote of the Day Segment
  • Sliders
  • Boxes
  • Featured Image
  • Breadcrumb (SEO Friendly)
  • Post excerpts
  • Story-chain links
  • Subtitles
  • Pagination of long posts
  • MailChimp Subscription Box
  • Tag counter
  • Rich sharing options
  • Awesome Footer
  • Premium Content (One must share and click the post before they are able to read the post.)
  • In-post advertisement (Good for revenue!)
  • Unique code box
  • 1-5 text columns
  • Accordion text segment
  • Horizontally- and Vertically tabbed texts
  • Appealing message boxes
  • Drop cap
  • Buttons with icons and colours
  • Mega Menu
  • Exciting hover effects over images
  • RTL Support (and SpotLingo tool)
  • Translation of
  • Numbered popular posts

I have never witnessed such a great Blogger template for news websites. I believe that this remains on number one in my top Blogger themes. It can also beat the common myths on Blogger.

MagOne Blogger Theme Documentation

Sneeit have provided text-rich, graphic-rich and video-based documentation for installing and managing your Blogger-based news website with MagOne theme and Sneeit Spot plugin.

MagOne Blogger Theme Download

Demo | Download

Which is the best Blogger theme for news / magazines websites?

MagOne Blogger template is the best Blogger theme for news / magazines websites.

Can Blogger have WordPress functionalities?

Yes, Blogger team are currently working on this. They can even be better than WordPress. For now, you can install Sneeit Spot plugin for Edge or Chrome and use a compatible theme. MagOne is compatible with Sneeit Spot plugin. With their combination you can experience drag-and-drop menu editor, and freedom in settings and styles. You can also adjust AMP posts and SEO performance of your posts with this plugin.